Nevertheless Zion Shall Escape If:

Nevertheless, Zion Shall Escape If: The Witness of James Q. Muir 2009 Jeremiah 9:6 6. Thine habitation is in the midst of deceit; through deceit they refuse to know me, saith the Lord. In the revelations of the Lord, given to the Prophet Joseph Smith, consistently the Restored Church was called Zion. Although it passed […]

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In the following window, you will see the Teamviewer software where a ‘Remote Control’ tab is shown. If you are connected to the internet, you will see a code in the ‘Your ID’ field and a password in the ‘Password’ field. The helpdesk would need the code and the password in order to connect to […]

The Wonders of Eternity: New Mormon Theology


The Wonders of Eternity: New Mormon Theology by James Q. Muir is a mature update on LDS scripture expounding radical changes from traditional, albeit adolescent, Mormon Theology which has, for the most part, gone by unchallenged and unchanged without any support found in LDS scripture. It is also an interpretation of fulfilled prophecy from the […]