I presently work for the United States Postal Service trying not to retire yet even though I turn 63 this year. Life has not been easy except for the part with my wife and five children and one grandchild. My religion has been unique with me since I was eighteen after I was led of God to get the gospel of Jesus Christ precisely right.

You could say I am a keeper of the secrets of exactly how this is done. My purpose is to leave my witness of what is true for those who come up in the world with the faith to bring forth a real and powerful Zion to stand in these Last Days. The Gentiles have rejected my testimony and cast me out from among them. There is little hope and much prophecy that they are lost and will not be reclaimed. Yes this means the LDS (Mormons) among whom I grew up.

I am willing to teach anyone at anytime. I will write much on this site and engage meaningful comments. I did not make myself a prophet. God made me prophet and then an apostle sending me out by his own voice commanding where I should go and a great purpose was fulfilled back in 1979. I have written what I call The New Mormon Theology: The Wonders of Eternity wherein I correct much false LDS speculations rampant from its adolescent delusions. There is a two act musical play I composed and even wrote the entire libretto back in the early 90s. It is about the Lost Ten Tribes brought up to Zion ready to open the earth and march out to make the everlasting hills tremble at their presence. When the earth travails and brings forth here strength and it will no more be said that the Lord lives who brought the Children of Israel through the Red Sea, but the Lord lives who brought Israel down from the North as the prophet Jeremiah said. I had a dream over thirty years ago which foretold part of my future. This has now been fulfilled by the Lord opening up my eyes to see the sightings found on The Apocalrock. These are scriptural Icons crafted in stone seen by cosmic alignments with the sun at certain times of the year.

This is what the prophet Isaiah predicted would be lifted up in the Last Days for an ensign to the nations, where they shall see the salvation of their God, where the arm of the Lord is revealed. This is predicted to be a tourist destination so I opened up The Apocalrock Visitor Center. This is only now beginning to be published abroad. I cannot deny that I am a servant of the living God. I have lived a fruitful life that manifest that the power of God is upon me in understanding and might. I cannot be the prophet you want necessarily because I must be as the Lord will. The entire point to getting the gospel of Jesus Christ correctly is to submit to him and take his name with full purpose of heart. These days are consumed with what will only prevent this from happening. Which opposition has been crafted purposefully and sparing no expense or tedious labor since the Restoration of the gospel by the Prophet Joseph Smith. Because this opposition has spread and made all the world dependent upon upholding its mystery oppression reigns even now over all the hearts of the children of men. And that is why I was sent, and raised up after an extremely harsh manner, that would set my heart to seek the Lord and his righteousness.