This notion bothers atheist. None can deny that you need bucket loads of faith to live and move about in the world. A purely rational approach to modern living would grind everything to a screeching halt. Who could rationally drive a car without the faith that all the other cars will obey the laws? Expand the same idea to every way and means we move and have stuff moved upon the planet.

Who could associate with strangers in this strange world of homicidal maniacs, where at any moment, some gook might start shooting? Where does this trust and confidence abide? By experience we hold to faith.

The mundane will deny that this sort of faith is in any way the same as faith in God. Such suppose wrongly that there can be no experience with God to learn and trust and have faith. This is circular reasoning: ‘there is no God therefore you cannot have any experience with him.’

The worlds throughout the universe experience God’s command and obey his law. And we observe that things move along nicely. A wealth of good experience overcomes the tragic flaws when even horrific accidents wreak havoc. Nobody stops driving because they hear of or even witness a tragedy on the highway. There is such an overabundance of good experience both cosmologically and inter personally things continue. And overall it continues very well.

A mundane soul in the grips of paralyzing fear might avoid all risks and, heaven forbid, even avoid any and all experience with God. The reality of God is steady and ever-present. It will grind upon the shallow souls who insist nothing is above them, and from eternity to eternity, both in and out of the world and in and out of sentient existence, they shall eventually relent and act as if they have faith in God. This must be what God believes about them. Perhaps he knows that from experience.

We know that the world of academia has evolved in greater and greater unanimity to deny God. Let’s hope that is as far as it gets. Lest suddenly people are frozen in fear altogether and over-react and the dissolution of all life on this planet ignites. I hope that by pushing a few of their buttons spares the world from the mundane ever pushing those really bad buttons someday.