Murder?  Nope
Rape?      Nope
Betrayal? Nope
Abuse?    NopeAll these can be forgive us and only one sin is unforgivable. Yet that sin cannot be committed by those who have not partaken of Christ’s power and defied it and put Christ to open shame. So THE Greatest sin anyone can commit in this life is to fail to come unto Christ and be begotten of his power and made a new creature fit for eternities in the kingdom of God.It is the entire purpose of coming into a world with free will. The only environment where the sacrifice of our will unto the will of the Father CAN be accomplished and acceptable facing down the entire world and openly forsaking this world laying down our lives as it were to take up a new creation with Christ in God.God gave us free will in this world. Only by returning it unto God with full purpose of heart can we be free to continue to be added upon in eternity. And that awesome task must be done at hazard of the whole world in which we live. How great a test!How well it proves faith in Christ.

Yet where is the great anxiety about it?

Where is the science to discover exactly how it must be done correctly to get the precise promise and valid results?

The psychology of its dynamics upon the human mind is akin to the overabundance of evidence proving the existence of God against human envy. The mind would rather deny the existence and glory of such an advanced being as God, even kill off the recognition of a being that far above us. Then we can feel valid in our own ego and revel in the high achievements we set our hearts upon, that they might have real value and worth and give us a sense of supremacy above others that all our efforts, sacrifice and diligence paid off. This is chosen rather than live in the awareness and fearfulness of the ever present reckoning of God’s hand in all things great and small which man cannot resist to study and own as if his for the taking.

So too with the challenge of getting it right while we live. Just too daunting to have to live with the awareness. Let it be brushed aside into irrelevance where we trick our conscience to think we have accomplished it already and need not worry about it and even celebrate with other numbskulls that all is well yea, we prosper.

The Greatest Sin Man Can Commit in This World is to do:


To not care. To not admit. To not do. To not believe.

And of course go about with the delusion that we are all very good people.

Think of it this way. What is the worse that could happen in this life……? To not be born. So what would be the worse thing that could happen to you in the next life….?
To not be born into the kingdom of God. No day of judgement can change whether or not you were born to a kingdom or not. Either you are there or you are not.

So….I would be getting to being born of God already. Eh?