Denver Snuffer claims his book is not a history as much as it is a doctrinal commentary. So my review will be a doctrinal exposition more than a historical one. Like some others I praise Denver Snuffer admitting the weakness of the LDS Church. I condemn Denver Snuffer in skipping over the underlying cause of Mormon hypocrisy and for allowing ALL the weakness of Gentile apostasy to continue unchecked as he shifts the focus well beyond the mark to his fondness for a meeting with Jesus Christ face to face.

It is incredulous for a man as well versed in everything LDS to omit the true points of doctrine regarding the gospel of Jesus Christ. As valuable as his insights are into the despicable worldliness of Mormon leadership through so many generations down to the present hour, and such an insight could have saved me countless recriminations and allowed me greater charity in my own struggle to make the people see the light, yet Denver Snuffer opens up no wisdom or understanding of an alternative to this worldliness. Of course they should all have prevailed to have an audience with Jesus. That does not wash for a helpful assist. All is beyond the mark, and Jesus told the Nephites in the Land Bountiful, that anything more or less than the baptism of fire and of the Holy Ghost comes of evil. In so many words he did showing what counts for building upon the rock and not upon a sandy foundation. The foundation of the world. Where great shall be the fall thereof.

Another point I want to make against Denver Snuffer is how slippery he comes off not wanting to appear like he is seeking an office or wants to lead out and yet after all is said and done, he alone, remains worthy to lead, as he alone, has, according to his own testimony, spoken with the Lord…..for the first time… 2013! And he continually inserts the notion that having your calling and election made sure, which is what he thinks seeing Jesus is all about, also, and even ALWAYS bestows the sealing powers. And since all good LDSers know that there can ONLY be one man on earth at a time to hold the sealing powers, well, Denver Snuffer must be da man!

And he is quite meek and forebearing in not asking for to sit in Moses’ seat. How unseamly for a Mormon, heaven forbid, But after the plagues and harvest begins to reduce the population of the Church, then, by the voice of the people, he plants this notion that they have the power to set up whomsoever they will. We all know that the shepherds will scatter when the times get rough.

That’s my main point of review of Denver Snuffer’s Passing the Heavenly Gift. He proves that he never came unto Christ acceptably to get the gospel right by obeying the commandments of Jesus Christ in:
1. Taking no thought for his life while seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness.
2. Continue in fasting and prayer with one accord until the promise of the Father is realized in the baptism of fire and of the Holy Ghost.

If he had, or any other man ever did, then they would wear out their lives like Alma in seeing to it that all who hear his voice might repent sufficiently to be truly born of God. This is not done by any Mormon, no, not even Joseph Smith caught this vision and so the generations have stumbled greatly. He might have, had he lived just one more day, who knows? Joseph only had fourteen years. Hardly long enough to gain much wisdom in these things. He wanted a reformation. He did say so. (DHC Vol. 5, Chapter 27 Page 510)
3. Believing the missionaries that simply joining the Church and getting hands laid upon your head gave him the Holy Ghost.
4. Partaking of the sacrament unworthily for many many years and taking honors of priesthood and mission service (I think he did) and temple attendance and marriage all in an unclean state like the entire LDS Church does daily taking sanctification for granted by conceit and utter abominations somehow exempt him from the cursing of D&C 112….oh boy, you betcha.

All of which has set him up for that wrath to be poured out upon his head with his fellow pretenders. And still, somehow, Jesus visited him and gave him advanced degrees of righteousness and a message for our time, for having lived so many years trampling the Holy One of Israel under foot? I don’t think so.

And since all the Brethren make the same inference that they see Jesus and that the Lord is included in their sacred councils why not Denver Snuffer then to pretend to great things if he is trying to bring forth a better end? At least he is more concerned with Zion than worldly gain. Right? He gives off that he suffers great personal expense to promote that message Christ has charged him with. He donates a good portion of his sales to something or other.

I think Denver Snuffer is a heck of a guy for having the moxie to put LDS hypocrisy in its place. And, unlike me, have people actually pay attention. Wow! Now if he could just be converted to the REAL gospel of Jesus Christ and obey the first commandments to come unto Christ where he waits at the door and knock, where he employs no servant there. NO Denver, it is not the calling and election made sure. It is the rock, the gospel of Jesus Christ, to be conceived his seed and born of God and raised up to a state of righteousness by the power of Christ’s atonement. And that after your faith and willingness to forsake this world. Oh, crap. Really? The world, you say? This great big wonderfully academic, scientific, wonder of wonderful wonders? Yup. That is the sacrifice. That is why we are given a world and the freedom to sacrifice it. So we got something to give to prove our love of God and show that we are not willing to live without Christ in God in our lives. And demonstrate the faith we have in Christ to call down upon us God’s judgement today, as to whether or not we enter the kingdom of God, yes, this moment.

But this is about Denver Snuffer and his teachings and not about what I say. He says that the entire point of the gospel is to get your calling and election made sure, and that ALWAYS gives you the sealing power over heaven and earth…like Nephi, no, the other Nephi, in Helaman 10. And since he already has it NOBODY else can get it because there can only be one on earth at a time……???

I noted some 34 points I disagree or have a problem with Denver Snuffer in his book. But I am not going to elaborate on them as my point is already made. You can take a look:

1. Ruel/Jethro a descendent of Abraham? Page 29.

2. Joseph Smith needed the Melchizedek Priesthood to see God. (Not if it was a mere vision and not a personal visitation. He says he came to himself lying on his back….a vision.) Page 30-31.

3. Calling and Election = sealing power. Page 81(Like Nephi in Helaman 10)

4. Sealing power ALWAYS connected to C&E Page 85

5. Brigham Young could not have sealing power without the heavens being opened to him and getting it from the voice of God. Page 87

6. Conflates fullness of the gospel with fullness of the priesthood. Page 120-121 (3 nephi 16:10)

7. Brigham Young guilty or Nephi 16 abominations citing mass slaughter of Indians near Pleasant Grove. Black Hawks people, and MMM as proof BY was not worthy to lead. Page 145

8. Joseph Smith head of human family in this dispensation, all must be sealed to him. Page 153

9. D&C 132 is composed from separate revelations. Page 154

10. Denies Taylor revelation is about plural wives (But it IS about entering into God’s glory the highest degree of heaven where the gods do the works of Abraham.) Page 164-165

11. Lamenting saints inability to live Zion but he fails to give a reason other than they craved individualism and self reliance. He omits the power of the gospel where it is most crucial in supplying the power to overcome the world, give us a new heart from God. Page 188

12. Again shows no understanding of the gospel power. Simply citing ideals of Christianity like the people just need the gumption to do better. Page 193

13. Clueless once again about the commandments of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the power to overcome the world that flows from it. He says the people are just too competitive and uncooperative….lol oh man! Page 194

14. Writes about following the brethren and shows how spiritually vacant they all were since BY time to today. Page 200-270 (Actually I rather appreciate this part. It’s telling indeed)

15. Power from ceremony not BFHG. Page 272-3

16. Denies the gift and power of the Holy Ghost in preference to visitation of angels and seeing Christ. Says this is the way of the BoM…??? Page 277

17. Says repent requires presence of Christ for forgiveness. Page 277

18. No need for being pre-qualified (to be clean) to enter the temple. Page 282

19. Skips gospel to sanctification by seeing Christ. Page 287

20. Denver Snuffer sets himself up as a MOSES type. Page 290

21. Messenger before my face not a church leader. Sets up the idea of the voice of the Church, common consent can call him when they want to. Page 316 (I think)

22. Come unto Christ is to enter his presence to gain salvation NOT THE GOSPEL. Page 337

23. Seek Christ’s presence is the gospel. Page 344

24. Gospel binds generations. (sealed) Page 388

25. Unite behind the messanger. (Denver Snuffer) Page 402

26. Beyond the mark no servant there. Page 456

27. No appreciation for the gospel. Page 460

28. Priesthood from God or angels. Page 462

29. Joseph Smith was like DS, a messenger. Page 463

30. To abide with Christ is him taking up his abode with us. Page 450

31. Elijah last to hold the keys by VoG Page 474

32. Sealed to JS or burned up at the Lord’s coming. Page 486

33. Fails to realize that BFHG makes us children of Abraham not sealing. Page 486

34. Then why skip the real gospel? Page 496