Probably not what you may have expected but I believe that I solved the problem that has for so long kept me most crazy. When I got religion and my village rejected me for it I had to lock them off so that they could not reach me. They locked me out first sure, but that forced my reaction, which was equal to theirs.

The answer is transcendent. There is barely any difference between faith and no faith and between wicked and righteous, so little as a wisp of thought. Experimenting with this today, my being The World’s Top Zion Scientist, I unlocked now by this discovery what I had for so many years locked off. It was an extreme prejudice. It was a hunkered down against the world resentment and maybe even hatred if I dare say. I must name it crazy though because it caused dysfunction in me. I feel the cocoon peeling off from around me.

I will give peace a chance. Perhaps others can experiment with the notion that even your worst self is only a quaver aside from your best you. So little as to not be distinct though we imagine the rift is vast and beyond reach especially when projecting this against others. Yet, wonderfully, it is not enough difference to matter in truth. No reason to react or hate or fail to love and expect less than the best for yourself and others.

I feel much better and less hamstrung from pursuing my passions with greater faith among the people. Yeah, I have been holding back and I think that I have held back considerably, not believing in people and accepting that it is a forgone impossibility for people to change. Interesting.

The proof of the experiment was to purposefully move from an evil mind to a righteous mind. I did this early today after a boss pissed me off. I noticed my foul mind and with intent changed it instantly taking note of the values and distance and means that made for the change. It was nothing more than a desire followed to fruition. A thought. No distance. No change in my own personal worth. Transcendental management. Oh boy. The evil had no value at all. And we must conclude that the good we value so highly is really not all that much either. This makes for a pride killing realization and good on it.

We perhaps but at lease I have labored under the duress that we must suffer evil’s full weight until some satisfaction is reached. Stupid thinks me now. I can love better so suddenly.

Please now will everyone tell me how obvious this is and how crazy I have been to ball up and protect my faith like it was so precious and the only one fearing others actually had power to threaten it. I am free!

Some charge God foolishly blaming him for all the evil in the world. If the difference between good and evil is no more than a slight mental shift, a quaver in the vibration of our lives, then evil is as much a fact of what and who we are as is good. This fact insists that we manage ourselves and wisely create great joy or allow misery and sadness. Satan does not make us evil. Just as God will encourage and enhance the good the powers of darkness will encourage what makes us crazy. Dang! That was a long haul through the night.

The power to choose is ours regardless. The wisdom to keep clean in a firmness of mental intent is priceless.