Reading in today’s paper yet another unbelievably evil episode of a 15 year old kid killing his entire family and craving to go out and kill more has moved me to speak to the phenomena in spiritual terms. I had this thought already on the back-burner some time since the previous tragedy of the young school kids and teachers in Connecticut last year.

These events are sparked as soon as these kids are able. That makes me believe that they came into this world seriously bent upon a murderous intent. A little theology first. We are all devils of many generations past. Over and over again we have failed big time in the ecology of God saving us from ourselves. ONLY IN THIS LIFE can God actually change us from our nature to a higher state of existence. That is called the gospel of Jesus Christ and it is the way of PEACE eventually for all eternity. And that eventual eternity seems very far off indeed.

Yeah, you are about to get more preaching because this is the spiritual roots of bad behavior written of here. I discovered from the reading of The Apocalrock certain truths that define more precisely that we had our own mind and intent from the moment our intelligence was appointed an independent sphere of existence by the word of God’s power. (Okay, yes, this is new. It is an entire stage of creation that Joseph did not know about and Mormons are in the dark over still.) Who were these intelligences that got put into independent spheres of existence? They are the light of truth which cannot be created or made says D&C 93.

Satan and his hosts will suffer the Second Death. You know, that thing those devils which Jesus cast out were worried about being tormented with:

Matthew 8:29
29 And, behold, they cried out, saying, What have we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God? art thou come hither to torment us before the time

Every gift or organization of God, if that is as far as you got, everything God has put upon us CAN be taken away. That is the Second Death. It is the dissolution of our souls back into the mix of the Light of Truth, from whence we came, and from where we were never created nor made. We were gnolaum or eternal. (Abraham 3:18)

What I got this time from pondering a singular sighting, one of more than seventy now, found on the face of The Apocalrock, was about the duality of God containing a fullness of light and truth greater than us all. Added this thought to the fact that his body did not come from seeds of sexual union, God therefore retains a fullness of intelligence that supports both aspects of the male and female. (Satan rebelled rather than submit to being cut in half, so to speak, by seed propagation of our bodies.) The duality of God is referred to sometimes as God and his wisdom. Or the Sophia.  A long story continued to unfold that explained why we bring with us from the two previous worlds our sexual identity (in all their variety?)which was my study at the moment, according to the diligence and heed we gave to being divided male and female when seed-bodies-spiritual were commanded and provided to all who kept their first estate and continued, supposedly subject to Christ. And yet we were free were we not?

Hope that is not so obtuse as to be incomprehensible.  It is the same thing with us devils who so many times rebelled going from organization of an appointed sphere of existence back to that Second Death only to return again innumerable times, but this particular turn of the wheel we chose to remain with Christ in God to continue through the seed body births of the spiritual and then our present physical world. We look into the faces of our innocent babies and cannot imagine such purity and love masking monsters who would rise up and slaughter families and neighborhoods and schoolyards. But such is the reality we are seeing played out again and again.

These teenagers have not lived long enough to develop a psychosis for pathological mayhem from any sort of triggers present in our world. I just do not believe it. I say that the disposition to become such was in their heart from the beginning. Even as Satan was a murderer from the beginning. So can we be whatever we take to heart. It is not unthinkable that intelligent beings could skate by for even billions of years harboring their ill intent. Heck, the angels may have well known and sought with tears to mollify these tragedies waiting to act out. For some reason it seems likely that it is not possible up there to change people. Why is that?

The deeply interesting thing here is that this world IS the one place were these kind of spiritual anomalies, if they really are that rare, can actually be fixed. And we too, the not so anomalous Christ can heal us all. IF we come unto him with full purpose of heart and seek the kingdom of God with all our heart, might, mind and strength, the atonement shall do all that God can do to help. We are all commanded to repent in this life. Such a command seems to the proud as quite the imposition upon such GOOD people as we all are. (Nodding in a general consensus to the left and to the right. Like a bunch of stupid Muppets)  Not so much and God knows better than we aways having forgotten all just how evil and abominable we can be. We are counted the enemies of God without exception. Think about that. Why is everyone not up and doing the gospel by faith and a humble heart? Fools and slow to believe! You turn your children to education rather than to life eternal. Fools and slow to believe! You have been warned.

Now think about the grace and love and nurturing blessedness found in our God and in his Christ. They are striving with all that they can do to get intelligence up a notch from its wicked moorings tied to pride taking for granted entitlements undeserved.

The absolute terror of our day is that there are billions of little monsters yet to come. The frequency is already staggering. How bad could it get? I could quote a scripture or two but I wont. How long before at least one here and another there sees the salvation of their God and seeks mercy and grace in the power of godliness?