Been at it more than forty years and nary a nibble fishing for Zion among those directly charged with bringing it forth and establishing it. WHY?

Look at the history of Zion. The antediluvian Zion was a refuge from the wanton destruction of all believers as evidenced by Enoch having to miraculously defend his city. And as further evidenced by the fact that all saints who received the gospel after the City of Enoch was taken, were also taken off the earth proper. The world was filled with violence and most of that came at those who dared to forsake the world I suspect.

After the flood Melchizedek gathered those who refused to build the tower of Babel and supposedly his city was taken too, as Abraham was left to wander as a stranger in a strange land, much like Noah.

The Jaredites have no history of attaining Zion notwithstanding a few righteous kings. You would think someone like Mahonri Moriancummer would convince a few to get the gospel right. He moved a mountain, yet no Zion.

The Book of Mormon conversions of the people of King Benjamin and the Reformation of Alma and the sons of Mosiah never attained Zion. Which is evidenced by how quickly the believers slipped into wickedness.

The Jews who believe on Christ who were visited of Christ after him rising from the dead were coached sufficiently to open the door to Zion and seemingly attempted it per Peter’s economical collective. But that was short lived. The Gentiles never got close to a Zion and the gospel “petered” out rather quickly regardless of its strong legacy.

Perhaps most of the people of King Benjamin were faking their conversion. It is difficult to imagine that if an entire people got the gospel they lacked the drive and desire to become Zion.

Joseph had lots of fakers around him as well.  The Gentiles of the Reformation always refused Zion and probably were only faking compliance to be included in what ever gain they though possible by joining with the “saints”.

The Book of Mormon desolation and dramatic theophany of  Christ did establish a working Zion that lasted at least two hundred years. Imagine that? What a huge dramatic set up for Zion. Where are the three Nephites? John? Why have they forsaken these days?
The Zion of our age is meant to last a thousand years.
It is also suppose to precede the end of the world and Christ is suppose to walk among Zion before he comes to Jerusalem to save them at Armageddon.

Before the end of this world only the Mark of the Beast persecution could raise the desire for a refuge and possibly persuade a few to get the power of Zion in the real gospel of Jesus Christ. If they are wise and have a clue. But from where are they going to be enlightened?

Do you see how difficult it is to accomplish the Zion heart? Ordinance cannot do it. Therefore the Mormons are sunk and completely taken out of the picture of a future Zion. They will suffer with the ungodly in the day of burning and desolation.

The economic persecution of the Beast will entirely engulf Momonism and it will cease to exist when that card is turned over if itself has not become that very Beast…….(I can image how that could happen)

Since the Lord is yet opening up his purposes it must be hoped that a few will stand up and take upon them the burden of Christ and become Zion. Why would the Lord be working toward that end if it is wholly vain?

To endure a thousand years the children of Zion must be furnished with the power of Zion absolutely. It cannot be watered down or him-hawed half-baked almost their any day now guessing themselves as good as it is possible to get. NO! Zion must be competent and fully knowledgeable as to what it is and how it is accomplished and what hinders and what defiles and what must keep it generation after generation.

Anyone today think that the LDS are closing in on such excellence towards their intended destiny? They will only get the back of the hand from punishment meet for the folly of hypocrisy.

Where or where shall Zion arise?